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2X MATCH! Support PCA Pastors and Widows in need. GIVE TODAY! >

Emily White

Longevity Annuity Collateral Benefits

You may have heard that very soon, PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) will be offering a ‘lifetime income’ solution in the PCA Retirement Plan. This new and innovative type of longevity annuity is known as a ‘Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract’ (QLAC). A QLAC is...

Retirement Income

From the time of the Reformation until about 1800, life expectancy in Europe averaged less than 40 years of age. By 1900, it had increased to 49. In God’s gracious providence, with the advent of modern medicine, immunizations, sanitation, water purification, and...

Toward A More Certain Retirement Future

One of the most difficult financial challenges many families face is how to convert retirement assets into an income stream that lasts for a lifetime. RBI’s Financial Planning Advisors hear stories like the following. Jerome and Nancy, a family of five, are nearing...