We've updated our Retirement Remittance Portal for Administrators  >> LEARN MORE 

We've updated our Retirement Remittance Portal for Administrators  >> LEARN MORE 

A Counseling Ministry for Wives of PCA Pastors.

What is Cherish?

Cherish provides access to affordable and confidential Christian counseling to PCA pastors’ wives. This ministry is funded through your gifts to PCA Ministerial Relief. When you invest in Cherish you invest in the health of the church.

In our survey of PCA pastors’ wives, they indicated:

7 out of 10

feel they have few people they can confide in.

8 out of 10

said they would make use of Christian
counseling if offered.

9 out of 10

believe they are perceived or treated differently than other women in the church.

How to Get Started

Determine Your Eligibility

Cherish counseling is a service provided for wives of PCA pastors

Choose Your Counseling Provider

Sessions are provided at a subsidized rate through the Relief Fund.

Sessions 1-3 – fully subsidized

Sessions 4-5 – client pays $55/each

Sessions 6-7 – client pays $60/each

Did you know that Geneva now offers an enhanced counseling and wellbeing benefit for PCA ministry staff and their families? Enrolled participants receive up to 12 counseling and/or coaching sessions and their spouse and/or dependents (ages 13-17) receive an additional 12 sessions per year. The premium is $15/month. Participants and their families can select a counselor from the Global Counseling Network and access a suite of wellbeing services. Contact us to learn more at enrollment@genevabenefits.org.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We have provided our counseling partners with a comprehensive list of PCA pastors’ wives based on the data made available through the PCA and Geneva. In the unlikely event that one of our partners cannot find your information you will be instructed to contact a designated person at RBI to verify your eligibility. We will only use this information to ensure you are included in both provider’s lists of eligible participants. No record of your counseling services are made known to Geneva as our providers protect your identity when billing.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone (678.825.1280) or email (relief@genevabenefits.org) if you have any questions.