Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now



Geneva supports those called to ministry so they can focus on their calling.

Geneva supports those called to ministry so they can focus on their calling.

Financial Health

Plan for the future with peace of mind using our financial planning and retirement services.

Physical Health

Protect yourself and your family with top-tier benefits no matter the size of your ministry.

Emotional Health

Get the support you need to thrive using our wellbeing services.

Geneva offers preparedness and peace of mind with solutions tailored to the needs of ministry leaders and staff.

Helpful Resources

Life is Hard – Get Out of Bed Anyway

We sat down with Alan Noble to discuss his new book, “On Getting Out of Bed: The Burden and Gift of Living,” and why this topic is such a timely one for the local church.

Understanding Pastoral Wellbeing

What does it take for your pastor to thrive on the long road of ministry? Geneva Benefits Group has done the research.

Honoring Widow's on International Widow's Day - Leigh Ann

Going from wife to widow is a change women don’t always anticipate and stands out as one of the more destabilizing and potentially lonely experiences a woman can face, especially when the change happens suddenly.

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The challenges of pastoring in the 21st century are significant. How are PCA pastors actually doing—spiritually, maritally, relationally, financially? Are they struggling or thriving? Download this free eBook to learn the concrete practices, conditions, and choices that prevent and promote wellbeing.

The storms of life can disrupt even our best-laid plans. Geneva’s Ministerial Relief Fund provides support to PCA pastors, widows, and church employees in times of need.