Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now


Caring for yourself is good stewardship

Geneva cares for ministry workers as whole people and advocates for their wellbeing. We offer help with pastoral call packages, grants for Christian counseling, insight into best practices for sabbaticals, and a wide range of resources so pastors and ministry staff can grow in financial literacy and wellbeing.

Healthy leaders produce
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Sabbatical Support

Sabbaticals offer pastors and their families invaluable seasons of rest by offering time away from the duties and pressures of ministry. Download our Sabbatical Checklist and White Paper for an overview of how you can plan for and communicate a sabbatical.

Financial Literacy Support

Pastors want to focus on the work of ministry. Yet they are also called to wisely steward the church’s resources, as well as their own. Geneva is here to help, with resources to enhance financial literacy.

Counseling for PCA Pastors’ Wives

Pastors’ wives are often the most isolated, misunderstood, and underappreciated people in the church. Cherish provides grants so that PCA pastors’ wives can access confidential Christian counseling. These grants are funded through the Geneva Relief Fund. 

Pastoral Compensation Consulting

Pastoral compensation can be confusing. But a well-designed call package is an act of love and care all pastors deserve. Geneva’s Call Package Guidelines and call package consulting services help pastors, session, and treasurers design call packages that maximize the impact of church resources.

Recommended Wellbeing Resources

Geneva is committed to the holistic health of pastors and ministry workers. We recommend these resources if you want to dig deeper into the practices and habits that bring wellbeing to those who server Christ’s church.

Get your free eBook on State of PCA Pastors

The challenges of pastoring in the 21st century are significant. How are PCA pastors actually doing—spiritually, maritally, relationally, financially? Are they struggling or thriving? Download this free eBook to learn the concrete practices, conditions, and choices that prevent and promote wellbeing.


Why is a sabbatical important?

The pastoral vocation is uniquely challenging. Work like sermon preparation, preaching, teaching, counseling, and day-to-day administrative oversight of the church are difficult and time-consuming enough. But pastors bear the additional burden of being “always on.” They get calls at night and on weekends, and wherever they go, they are seen in their pastoral role. For long-term wellbeing, pastors need occasional seasons away from these all-consuming demands provided by sabbiticals.

How do I sign up for counseling for pastors’ wives (Cherish)?

Signing up for Cherish is easy. Our counseling providers have a list of all ordained PCA teaching elders in their database. Visit genevabenefits.org/cherish, and select the counseling provider of your choice. Once you complete their intake form, one of their counselors will reach out to you to assist you in selecting a counselor and scheduling. Cherish is confidential, so Geneva staff does not receive information of those served through it. If you have challenges in registering, reach out to us at relief@genevabenefits.org.

If I participated in Cherish before, can I participate again?

Yes, you have access to 7 free/subsidized counseling sessions every three years.

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Wellbeing Resources

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We sat down with our Director of Ministerial Wellbeing, Rev. Paul Joiner, and Director of Philanthropic Giving, Chris Zurbach, to better understand the PCA Ministerial Relief Fund.

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2023 Annual Report

We are proud of how our benefits have expanded throughout this year to better achieve our mission: to come alongside pastors and ministry workers in every season of ministry. Read and download our 2023 Annual Report now.