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We've Updated our Call Package Guidelines >> LEARN MORE


Protection for you and your family

Geneva’s insurance options provide access to top-tier benefits regardless of the size of your ministry. Customize benefits based on your need and budget and experience the many benefits, including reduced income taxes, through our employer-provided group plan.

Insurance options for wise stewardship


Ensure your family has the financial support they need in case of a fatal accident or illness. Geneva’s life insurance options allow you to select the coverage your family needs, including coverage for both the employee and/or dependent(s). Life insurance can be used to pay off a mortgage loan, personal debt, or provide for your children’s education.


Continue to receive much needed income when injury or illness prevents you from working. You can receive up to 67% of your salary through disability insurance. Geneva offers affordable options for both short-term disability (less than 90 days) and long-term disability (more than 90 days). Some options also provide protections against inflation.


Through our network of benefits you can choose from thousands of vision providers, all at a reduced cost. You and your family have access to discounted rates for vision exams, corrective surgery, glasses, contacts, and more.


We partner with MetLife to provide you access to a network of more than 146,000 dental professionals. You and your family receive exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, orthodontia, and more at a discounted and often no-cost rate.

Counseling Services

Get the support you and your family need as you walk through challenging seasons of ministry and life. Geneva provides access to a national network of Christian counselors. Through a secure video-counseling link, meet with a counselor from your home or office at a time that works for you.

Property & Casualty

Geneva recommends Brotherhood Mutual as a recommended provider for property and liability insurance, as well as commercial auto, workers compensation, missions travel, and payroll coverage. Churches, schools, and ministries are encouraged to discover what Brotherhood Mutual has to offer.


I’ve worked at my church for years. What happens if I want to add a product or service now?

This needs to be coordinated with Geneva and your employer. There may be voluntary products for which you are eligible. Call us to discuss at 678.825.1260.

How soon may I be covered or participate after enrollment?

Geneva products begin the first of the month after your month of employment (or after approval if enrollment occurs well after your date of hire).

Must I be employed by a PCA organization to purchase insurance?

You must be employed full-time, working at least 30 hours a week or more for a PCA church, school or ministry, or like-minded non-profit ministry organization to participate. If you are uncertain if your employer qualifies as a like-minded non-profit ministry, email us at benefits@genevabenefits.org.

Can I participate individually in insurance if my church does not?

No. Your ministry organization must agree to participate in one or more of the products offered by Geneva for you to participate in them.

What if my church is willing to participate in these but cannot afford to do so?

Many of the products Geneva provides allow for voluntary participation. This means the employee pays the premiums through a salary-reduction made by the employer and then paid to Geneva. Call us for details at 678.825.1260.

What happens to my insurance benefits when I retire or terminate from employment?

Life and Disability insurance offer portability to a new employer or conversion to individual insurance policies.

Do I have to fill out a medical questionnaire for insurance?

Most of our insurance products are designed to be offered without medical questions if you enroll within 30 days of your date of hire at your ministry organization.

Can I purchase property insurance for my home or auto through you?

No. Geneva refers and recommends Brotherhood Mutual as the property and casualty (P&C) carrier for churches, schools, and ministries. Geneva does not provide individual P&C insurance policies.

How do I sign up for counseling for pastors and church staff?

We are currently not accepting new enrollments in our counseling benefit through Full Strength Network.

Who is eligible for Geneva's counseling benefit and what are the employer requirements?

Geneva Counseling and Wellbeing provides access to confidential counseling and coaching sessions through the Full Strength Network (FSN).  Choose from hundreds of Christian counselors with the Global Counseling Network (GCN).

Employee Eligibility:

  • Must work for a PCA Church, Church Related Organization, or Like-Minded Organization.
  • Must work at least 30 hours per week for their employer.
  • If Non-ordained staff – Must work for a church or a ministry of a church. Non-ordained staff of para-church organizations are not eligible at this time.
  • Must reside in a state within the United States of America.

Employer Requirements:

  • Organizations must commit to paying for membership for the earlier of: 12 months or the employee’s termination month.
  • Organizations must agree to remit payments for membership of their staff.
  • Organizations must participate in another non-voluntary, Geneva sponsored insurance plan (Life, LTD, Dental, or Vision) in addition to the Counseling & Wellbeing Plan.
  • Organizations must execute a Counseling Remittance Service Agreement.

Payments for membership dues should be provided for through employee payroll deduction on an after-tax basis.

Connect with a Geneva benefits advisor for a free consultation about your options.

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