Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Navigating our Retirement Contribution Portal

Navigating our Retirement Contribution Portal

As of May 15th, 2023, Geneva updated our retirement contribution portal provided with improved security and technical support. Use this page to explore resources to guide you, such as a PDF user guide, video tutorial, and FAQs.
Our team has viewed and tested the platform, and we are confident this new solution will serve you well. We are here to support and guide you through this process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out using the contact information below.
Please note that if this is your first-time logging into the portal you must create a new password.

We have created a guide to navigating the new platform. Download here.

Access our Video Library.


Reach out to NWPS customer service team at 800-613-2250 from 8AM to 8PM ET or email  at assistance@nwpsbenefits.com.


As an administrator, I have set up an ACH Authorization requirement on all of our ACH debit requests. How can I preauthorize NWPS to pull money from my banking account?

Some churches and ministries have set an ACH Authorization requirement on their bank accounts which prevents any ACH debit requests from being processed without pre-approval.  ACH requests submitted from an ACH vendor which is not pre-approved will result in an R29 ACH error: “Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized”. If your bank account has this requirement, you will need to ask your bank to authorize the new ACH vendor as a pre-approved puller of funds. To do this, please provide the ACH Company ID 1002009404 to your bank.

Will my username and password remain the same on the new Retirement Contribution Portal?

Due to security protocols on the old Retirement Contribution Portal, we will not be able to transition your username and password to the new Retirement Contribution Portal.

What is the transition timeline for the Retirement Contribution Portal?

The new Retirement Contribution Portal is set to go live on Monday, May 15, 2023. From May 15th through May 31st, both the old and new portal will be available to users. Treasurers/administrators making one-time contributions will be able to use either portal. Treasurers/Administrators remitting recurring contributions must use the new portal beginning on May 15th if they want to make changes to their recurring contributions. The old portal will no longer be available for use after May 31st.

What is the web address for the new portal?

The new web address for the Retirement Contribution Portal is https://geneva.clients.nwpsbenefits.com/. You will also find it on May 15th on our website under the ‘My Benefits’ button on the top right-hand corner of our homepage.  Once the ‘My Benefits’ page loads, you will find the new link under the ‘Manage Group Accounts’.

Who is the provider of the new Retirement Contribution Portal?

NWPS, our retirement plan recordkeeper, is the provider of the new Retirement Contribution Portal. NWPS will be equipped to address all questions about the new portal.

Who do I contact with questions about the new Retirement Contribution Portal?

NWPS is available to address your questions about the new Retirement Contribution Portal.  You can reach them between 8am and 8pm ET at 1-800-613-2250 or assistance@nwpsbenefits.com.

My church is set up on recurring payments. Will these recurring payments continue during the transition?

Yes, we will transition all recurring payments from the current Retirement Contribution Portal to the new portal. During this time, contributions will continue according to the prior schedule. No action is required by our administrators/treasurers.

My church is not set up on recurring payments. Instead, I regularly process manual retirement contributions. What do I need to do to process these contributions?

From May 15th until May 30th, both portals will be available to you. However, we encourage administrators/treasurers to familiarize themselves with the new portal and process retirement contributions on the new portal.

Will historical information be ported from the old portal to the new portal?

Yes, most transaction, bank account, and employee information will automatically transition from the old portal to the new portal. No action is required to facilitate the data transition.

I have not seen any announcement of this change. Why?

Geneva has sent two emails announcing the change to all organizations participating in the retirement plan, and we sent an email to all administrators/treasurers who process electronic payments.   We mailed a letter announcing the change to every church and church related organization participating in the retirement plan.

NWPS will also email every participating organization, and all administrators/ treasurers who process electronic payments with an announcement that the new portal has gone live.   NWPS will also send an announcement when the old portal closes.

If you did not receive any announcement of this change, please contact Geneva at 800-789-8765 or benefits@genevabenefits.org to verify that we have the correct email for you and the current address for your employer.  If you have opted out of our communications, it may be prudent to opt back in so that you receive the latest updates on Geneva’s benefit plans and services.