Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Gary Campbell, president of the PCA’s Retirement & Benefits, Inc. (RBI), has informed RBI’s board of directors of his desire to initiate a leadership transition and search for the agency’s next president.

Campbell, who has served in the president’s role since 2006, indicated his intent to continue as RBI president until his successor is identified, and has not set a specific target date for his retirement. In response, the RBI board has established a search committee comprised of a subset of its Board and Advisory members, which is targeting a completion of this leadership transition over the next 1-2 years.

According to Teaching Elder Jon Medlock, the RBI Board Chair, “Under Gary’s leadership, RBI has grown in excellence as an industry-leading group of professionals, overseeing an array of retirement benefits, insurance offerings, and ministerial relief initiatives on behalf of our PCA pastors and their families. He’s also created a warm-hearted culture of pastoral care and proactive initiative in finding innovative ways to serve our denomination’s churches, committees, and agencies.”

Under Campbell’s leadership, the net retirement assets that RBI administers has grown by more than 100% to nearly $600 million. At the same time RBI has sustained healthy operating reserves, as well as retirement plan operating expense ratios below the average of traditional, actively managed mutual fund retirement plans.

During Campbell’s tenure, RBI has also introduced a number of innovations designed to support churches and their pastors, including guidance on the creation of call packages, and confidential counseling services such as ServantCare. Through its ministerial relief programs, RBI has distributed nearly $5 million over the last 11 plus years, primarily for widow and survivor support, and medical emergencies assistance.

Prior to RBI, Campbell served as President and Chief Investment Officer at Kennedy Capital Management, as well as Executive Vice President at the Commerce Trust Company, both in St. Louis.

“It has been the honor of my life to serve the pastors and employees of the PCA through the ministry of RBI,” said Campbell. “I became a Christian through the ministry of the PCA, and have served as an RE in a number of churches in our denomination. God has used these experiences, along with my professional skills and training, to prepare my heart to serve the church at large. I am thankful to God for encouraging us to grow this ministry, and for the pleasure of knowing so many PCA pastors who have shared their lives with me.”

Given an open-ended timeline for this presidential transition, Medlock added, “I am confident about the president search process because of what I have seen God do in this organization. RBI is healthy and growing, in large part due to the leadership and skill that Gary Campbell has brought to the role. He sets our initial benchmark, and our search committee is committed to take the time necessary to find the best future leader for RBI. In the meantime, our denomination can be confident that Gary and his excellent team are fully engaged in RBI’s ongoing work.”

To communicate with the search committee, please email committee Chair TE Jon Medlock at jon.medlock@genevabenefits.org.

To learn more about RBI and its services, visit www.genevabenefits.org.

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