Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

PCA Retirement and Benefits (RBI) has been honored for the second consecutive year as a “Certified Best Christian Workplace,” as designated by Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). The honor aims to recognize ministries that foster a positive workplace culture and set the standard for healthy places of work. Additionally, RBI was given the special designation of flourishing, a categorization given to a select number of organizations. 

“The heart of our work at RBI is to further the wellbeing of those who serve the church. It is important that we embody values as an organization that lead to spiritual, emotional, and financial wellbeing,” said Jon Medlock, Vice President of People & Culture at RBI. “From the way we conduct staff meetings to the ways we respond to clients, we aim to create a workplace that honors God and encourages others.”

Organizations certified as a “Best Christian Workplace,” are evaluated using BCWI’s “FLOURISH” model. Factors include: Fantastic Teams, Life-Giving Work, Outstanding Talent, Uplifting Growth, Rewarding Compensation, Inspirational Leadership, Sustainable Strategy, and Healthy Communication. Based on results from employee surveys, RBI has been named among the organizations deemed as “Flourishing.”

“We believe a strong workplace culture translates into an improved experience for the ministry staff we serve,” said Medlock. “When people feel encouraged in their work and their employer is actively investing in their growth, they tackle their duties with energy and enthusiasm. The primary beneficiaries of our workplace are the thousands of men and women serving across the Presbyterian Church in America.”

To learn more about Best Christian Workplaces Institute or the “Best Christian Workplace” certification, visit bcwinstitute.org. If you want to learn more about RBI’s mission and vision, click here

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