Updated Tax Guides: Download your free 2024 Tax Guides for Churches and Ministers.
Updated Tax GuidesDownload your free 2024 Tax Guides for Churches and Ministers.
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Updated Version of the Call Package Guidelines is Ready For Use

The 2018 version of the Call Package Guidelines was recently submitted to the 46th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America for their approval. The Assembly, which met in Atlanta, Georgia, exhorted Presbyteries and member churches to implement their use of the guidelines. Through this document, PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) is attempting to provide best practice guidance regarding the content and structure of ministerial call packages for ordained clergy. Also included are discussions on a number of topics like opting out of Social Security, a minister’s dual tax status, and challenges in preparing ministers’ tax returns. The final section contains forms and policies that are helpful to pastors and churches. It is our hope that this document will be a valuable reference for ministers, churches, Sessions, Presbyteries and PCA-related organizations. In writing this booklet, every attempt has been made to create broad-based support by inviting compensation experts from all Presbyteries to participate in creating this document. We pray that God would use this valuable resource for the edification of His Church and the propagation of the Gospel.

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