Announcement: PCA Retirement & Benefits is now Geneva Benefits Group! Learn more about our recent name change here.
Announcement: PCA Retirement & Benefits is now Geneva Benefits Group! Learn more about our recent name change here.


A Wealth of Connections: Former RUF Pastor Stephen Maginas on His New Role as Financial Planner

Stephen Maginas is no stranger to the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). His familiarity with the unique challenges faced by pastors and ministry workers is one of the many reasons he’s perfectly suited for his new role as Financial Planning Advisor at PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI).

From “Falling Apart” to Praising God: A Pastor Reflects on His Experience with Ministerial Relief

I used to think of Ministerial Relief as a ministry that only provided for widows requiring critical assistance. Every year, I encouraged our congregation to give enthusiastically to it, never imagining my wife and I would one day be beneficiaries of the generosity of God’s people in the PCA.

Stewarding Finances Wisely Begins With an Expert Partner

“What I tell guys is: call RBI.” That’s what Fritz Games, pastor of Redeemer PCA in Louisville, Kentucky, says about the advice he gives to fellow pastors who are working with the church session on their pastor compensation structure.

The Uniqueness of Pastoral Taxation

There are many tax rules that apply only to ministers and churches. But very few people are aware of them.

Paul Chi, RBI’s Newest Financial Planner

We are delighted that Paul is a part of the RBI team, and we look forward to seeing God continue to use him to care for PCA pastors and staff.

Pastoral Housing Allowance for 2021

Pastors: It is time again to make sure you update your housing allowance resolution

Personal Reflections on Burnout

It has been eight years since I’ve served on a pastoral staff though I’ve continued to use my pastoral gifts regularly as pulpit supply and in other ways.

Supporting Pastors During Crisis

Recently, your gifts provided much needed support to the pastor of a PCA Korean congregation and his family.

Assessing the Wellbeing of PCA Pastors

PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) is launching a research initiative in partnership with The Center for Transformational Churches at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to assess the wellbeing of PCA teaching elders.

2020 Call Package Guidelines

The first version of the 2020 PCA Call Package Guidelines has recently been completed. Through this document, PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) is providing best practice guidance regarding the content and structure of ministerial call packages for ordained ministers.