Updated Tax Guides: Download your free 2024 Tax Guides for Churches and Ministers.
Updated Tax GuidesDownload your free 2024 Tax Guides for Churches and Ministers.

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2024 Tax Guides

Each year brings revised contribution limits and changing tax laws. It is important to know how these annual updates impact churches and ministry staff.

New Social Security Legislation Impacts Clergy

Legislation has been introduced that would allow clergy who have been exempted from social security contributions to opt back in.

Geneva Benefits Group Announces the Hiring of Rev. Will Chang as Investment Specialist

Geneva Benefits Group announces the hiring of Rev. Will Chang as Investment Specialist to join the leadership team.

403(b) Retirement Plan Limitations for 2024

The IRS updates retirement plan contribution limits for defined contribution plans such as the PCA Retirement Plan each year.

Rhythms to Protect Your Family’s Future Wellbeing

Learn practical steps to protect your family’s future wellbeing by making sure your beneficiaries are up-to-date and accurate.

2022 Annual Report

We are proud of how our benefits have expanded throughout this year to better achieve our mission: to come alongside pastors and ministry workers in every season of ministry. Read and download our 2022 Annual Report now.

2023 Tax Guides

Tax time is upon us! Each year brings revised contribution limits and changing tax laws. To make things easier for you, we provide ECFA’s Tax Guide for Ministry Staff as well as a Tax Guide for Pastors.

Crafting a Pastor Salary Compensation Package: 4 Tips for Church Decision Makers

Here are 4 tips from Matt Moore, Church Administrator at Briarwood since 2001, on constructing compensation packages for church staff and pastors.

Q&A: Should pastors opt out of Social Security?

Under U.S. tax code, ordained ministers can opt out of Social Security. Form 4361 declares that ministers who are theologically opposed to receiving benefits from the government can excuse themselves from Social Security. While keeping 15.3 percent each paycheck instead of giving it to the government might seem like the way to go, opting out of social security is not a decision to make lightly. There are irrevocable repercussions. Once a pastor chooses to opt out, they are out for good in most cases.

Healthy Guide for your Pastor’s Salary & Benefits Plan

A key component of care is how a pastor’s salary and benefits package (also referred to as a Call Package) is structured with the whole person in mind.