Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Thank You Notes from Widows


Your gifts support widows in need of financial assistance. Here are some testimonies of gratitude from widows who’ve benefitted from your generous gifts.

“Words can never express our appreciation and gratitude for all you have done for us. We would have literally been on the streets if it wasn’t for the support you have given to us. God bless you a hundredfold.”
Widow and Ministerial Relief Recipient

“Since I don’t know how and can’t thank you enough for this year’s financial support, I’ll ask Jesus to do it for me. And I know He answers prayer. There’s truly no way of telling where I would be if not for the relief fund.” –Widow and Ministerial Relief Recipient

“Thank you for your timely consideration and ministry to my particular pressing financial needs. I appreciate your encouragement and efforts on my behalf. I will be able to keep up with expenses this year.” –Widow and Ministerial Relief Recipient

“I greatly appreciate the financial assistance from the Relief fund. This shows love and concern in such a practical way.!” –Widow and Ministerial Relief Recipient

Your generosity to the PCA Ministerial Relief Fund helps look after widows and pastors in need. Discover the difference you and your church can make with a gift to our Look/After initiative.

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