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A Work of Gospel Grace and Mercy: Why Draper’s Valley Presbyterian Church Supports the Relief Fund

Today, a significant number of retired ministers and their spouses face financial difficulties. Their ministry positions limited their earning potential which resulted in limited savings. Ordinary expenses like groceries, housing expenses, and medical bills threaten to exhaust the modest funds they possess.

“I had literally lost everything.” Peggy West and God’s Provision

After her husband passed away, Peggy moved to live closer to family. She brought all her belongings, including family photos, her treasured violin and piano, and original music compositions, to an apartment—only to have a second tragedy strike when a fire consumed the building.

2022 Impact Report

At Geneva, we believe it’s our duty to care for those who serve our churches. The Relief Fund supports the financial health and wellbeing of PCA ministry leaders and their families and can’t do this without the generosity of our donors.

PCA Foundation Offers Matching Gift

The PCA Foundation is offering a $10,000 matching gift to support widows and pastors served through the Relief Fund.

How God Cared for Me

It has been almost thirty-four years since Tom Graham died, but Tom’s widow Anna Graham still loves the church and marvels at how God cared for her through the church.

Grateful for your Gifts

Your gifts support widows in need of financial assistance. Here are some testimonies of gratitude from widows who’ve benefitted from your generous gifts.

A Widow’s Story – Mary Lu

Watch our interview with Mary Lu Strawbridge and hear how God has used PCA Ministerial Relief in her life and the lives of many others.

A Widow’s Testimony: “The Lord is caring for me through this ministry”

In 2018, Dan and Crystal Korzep moved from Crystal’s home state of Massachusetts to North Carolina. Dan accepted a call to pastor Harvest Presbyterian Church. Less than a year later, Dan died suddenly from a heart attack at age 69.

Ministerial Relief: Your Gifts at Work

“I would just thank the givers for having such a heart for widows and I think God has a special love for widows too. You see all throughout scripture how he cared for the widows and how he acknowledged the widows.”

What Do Widows and Millennials Have In Common?

Many PCA pastors are not prepared for retirement, and that means their widows need all the help they can get.