Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now


Peggy West, widow of PCA Pastor, monthly financial assistance recipient

"When I lost everything, I felt God was still taking care of me. God was very gracious and he set me up with [the Relief Fund], and I have been with them ever since."

Bret, ruling elder

"When we hired our new pastor mid-year, we wanted to make sure we paid him enough to live in our very expensive community. Geneva helped us design a compensation package that increased both salary and benefits in light of the unusually high current rates of inflation....

Rev. Rod Miles, Grace Church of Marin

"After years of seeing the effects that inadequate call packages have on pastors and their families, members in our presbytery worked hard to convince the presbytery that adopting Geneva’s call package guidelines was the right thing to do. Since then, we’ve all come...

Rev. Bryce Hales, Trinity Presbyterian Church

"Reaching out to Geneva was a game changer! As I prayed about a new call, I wondered whether the transition was financially feasible for our family… The numbers just did not seem like they could work! Geneva’s guidance helped me understand the need for a healthy call...

Kristen Hogsed, Ministry Coordinator at Naperville Presbyterian Church (PCA)

"I am so appreciative of the work and care the ministry of Geneva provides for pastors and staff in the PCA, helping prepare our families for the future. I would encourage all PCA staff to take the opportunity and make it a priority, to sit down with a retirement...

Rev. Daniel B. Miller, First Church PCA, Illinois

"As a first-year minister I cannot overstate how valuable of a resource that Geneva was for me"

Rev. Ed Dunnington President of Geneva Benefits Group

Your gift of support serves those who have served our churches. From retired pastors who are struggling to provide for basic expenses, to widows of pastors grieving the unexpected loss of their husband. Your gift to the Relief Fund makes a real difference. Thank you!

Rev. Scott Bull, Pastor Grace Community Church of Buford

"Since our inception, our church has longed to have and maintain a heart for the principle found in James 1:27...Thus, every Christmas Eve, we commit to collecting and supporting our Denomination's Look After Widow's Fund."

Retired PCA pastor

“There are brothers and sisters in need in the PCA who are being helped with life’s problems and necessities because of your gracious giving! Thank you!”

Jim, Donor and PCA church member

“If we do not take care of those who invest their lives in ministry to our church, our communities, our country and the world I believe we have failed. These folks sacrificed to further the Kingdom of Christ and the Christian community has a responsibility to care for...