RELIEF FUND: Support PCA Pastors and Widows in need. Give Now.

RELIEF FUND: Support PCA Pastors and Widows in need. Give Now.


Who is eligible for Geneva’s counseling benefit and what are the employer requirements?

Geneva Counseling and Wellbeing provides access to confidential counseling and coaching sessions through the Full Strength Network (FSN).  Choose from hundreds of Christian counselors with the Global Counseling Network (GCN). Employee Eligibility: Must work for a PCA...

Is there a limit to the amount of money I may use to purchase a QLAC?

Yes. As of January 1, 2022, QLAC premiums are limited to the lesser of $145,000 or 25% of your qualified account balance at the time of purchase.

When can my payments begin for QLAC?

When you make your QLAC purchase you choose your payment start date. The payment start date can be anytime up until your 85th birthday.

What is the minimum purchase age for QLAC?

LILI is available for purchase after age 55.

What is a call package consultation?

Our retirement planners consult with sessions and pastors in the building of a pastoral compensation or “call” package. We discuss the various elements such as housing allowance, retirement, insurance, SECA allowance, and taxes. A thoughtfully built call package helps...

Will I receive housing allowance in retirement?

Retired ministers receive distributions as “eligible” for housing allowance from our 403(b)(9) retirement plan. Our board of directors issues an annual resolution authorizing housing allowance for retired ministers. The same housing allowance limits apply before and...

How are ordained ministers taxed?

Ordained ministers have a unique dual tax status. They are W-2 employees of a church or organization. Simultaneously, they are self-employed for Social Security tax purposes. In addition, ministers are able to exclude their housing allowance from federal and state...

Who qualifies for emergency relief assistance?

The Geneva Relief Fund is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in a America (PCA). Eligible recipients include PCA Teaching Elders, their widows, and PCA ministry/church staff. Learn more at genevabenefits.org/relief.

How are my retirement contributions invested?

You are automatically invested in an age-appropriate target-date fund. This is a diversified mix of investments that become more conservative as you near retirement. In addition, other more “DIY” options are available for the more experienced investor.

What kind of retirement account do you offer?

We offer a 403(b)(9) retirement plan. Typically, a 401(k) is used in the for profit world, while a 403(b) is used in the non-profit world. Our retirement plan is a 403(b)(9) with special features for denominations and churches. One of the key features is housing...