Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report // Read Now


How do I make an online retirement contribution?

We have created a dedicated page to walk you through how to use our online retirement contribution portal. There you will find a link to access the portal, a detailed pdf guide, as well as tutorial videos. Visit our Retirement Contribution Resource.

What are the essential elements of a call package?

In this video the Retirement Readiness Team walk through the components of a well-structured call package.

Where do I start when it comes to Social Security and Medicare?

Watch this video to hear Rev. Dave Anderegg, CFP®, CRPC® explain the basics of Social Security and Medicare. This seminar was originally presented at the 2024 General Assembly of the PCA.

How can pastors thrive on the long road of ministry?

Watch this webinar to hear Rev. Jon Medlock provide a helpful framework for ministerial wellbeing, along with insight from his research into the wellbeing of PCA pastors.  

As an administrator, I have set up an ACH Authorization requirement on all of our ACH debit requests. How can I preauthorize NWPS to pull money from my banking account?

Some churches and ministries have set an ACH Authorization requirement on their bank accounts which prevents any ACH debit requests from being processed without pre-approval.  ACH requests submitted from an ACH vendor which is not pre-approved will result in an R29...

What elements should go in our minister’s call package?

Geneva’s team of experts has created a host of free resources for sessions, pastors, and presbyteries to reference in the construction of their ministers’ call packages. Visit this page to learn more about thoughtfully built call packages and how your church can...

How does the old portal compare with the new portal?

The new portal has functionality that is similar to the old portal. The consensus among our test group is that it is easier to navigate and use.   We welcome any suggestions you may have for improving the functionality of the new portal.

Who do I contact with questions about the new Retirement Contribution Portal?

NWPS is available to address your questions about the new Retirement Contribution Portal.  You can reach them between 8am and 8pm ET at 1-800-613-2250 or assistance@nwpsbenefits.com.

I have not seen any announcement of this change. Why?

Geneva has sent two emails announcing the change to all organizations participating in the retirement plan, and we sent an email to all administrators/treasurers who process electronic payments.   We mailed a letter announcing the change to every church and church...

Can we download data from the old system?

Yes, you may visit genevapay.org and print out reports, capture screen prints, and perform other measures to capture data from the old portal.