We've updated our Retirement Remittance Portal for Administrators  >> LEARN MORE 
We've updated our Retirement Remittance Portal for Administrators  >> LEARN MORE 


The Oft-Forgotten Role of the Pastor’s Wife

“It’s surprising that a person in the spotlight can be invisible. That’s how I felt as a pastor’s wife, under constant scrutiny, but unknown.  After being married to my husband and serving alongside him for almost 20 years, this past year felt like I had finally hit a stone wall. I could no longer cope with the stress and disappointments of ministry on my own.”

Stewarding Finances Wisely Begins With an Expert Partner

“What I tell guys is: call RBI.” That’s what Fritz Games, pastor of Redeemer PCA in Louisville, Kentucky, says about the advice he gives to fellow pastors who are working with the church session on their pastor compensation structure.

To Bless and Be Blessed

Rev. Shim arrived to pastor the fragile church in 2018 and had just begun to see his revitalization efforts come to fruition when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

Added Benefits of a Longevity Annuity

You may have heard that very soon, PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI) will be offering a ‘lifetime income’ solution in the PCA Retirement Plan.

How God Cared for Me

It has been almost thirty-four years since Tom Graham died, but Tom’s widow Anna Graham still loves the church and marvels at how God cared for her through the church.

3 Simple Ways to Review Your Financial Roadmap

A good plan considers short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term goals. 

The Character of Christ and Retirement Savings

Even retirement savings is part of your journey with Christ.

2020 Year End Action Items

As we approach the end of 2020, there are several items that require some action on your part.

6 Free Digital Tools to Simplify Church Administration

We’ve compiled a list of digital tools for church leaders to consider that help simplify the day-to-day administrative burden of church life.

A Story of God’s Faithfulness – Al Bennett

We recently spoke with Al who agreed to share how God has been with him in the midst of trouble.

PCA 403(b) Retirement Plan Limitations for 2021

The IRS updates retirement plan contribution limits for defined contribution plans such as the PCA Retirement Plan each year. The limits for 2021 are as follows: Elective Deferral Limit (salary reduction contribution): $19,500 (unchanged from 2020). Internal Revenue...

Grateful for your Gifts

Your gifts support widows in need of financial assistance. Here are some testimonies of gratitude from widows who’ve benefitted from your generous gifts.

SmartBen Access for 2020 Annual Enrollment

This year’s Annual Enrollment is December 1 – 7. Existing benefit elections will continue to be in force throughout the new 2021 plan year with no confirmation of enrollment needed.

Disability and Ministry: An Interview with Pastor Joe Novenson

Joe suffered a life-altering accident that left him disabled for almost two years. We asked Joe about his experience with disability and how it reshaped his view of being prepared for unexpected events. 

A Widow’s Story – Mary Lu

Watch our interview with Mary Lu Strawbridge and hear how God has used PCA Ministerial Relief in her life and the lives of many others.

A Widow’s Testimony: “The Lord is caring for me through this ministry”

In 2018, Dan and Crystal Korzep moved from Crystal’s home state of Massachusetts to North Carolina. Dan accepted a call to pastor Harvest Presbyterian Church. Less than a year later, Dan died suddenly from a heart attack at age 69.

The Uniqueness of Pastoral Taxation

There are many tax rules that apply only to ministers and churches. But very few people are aware of them.

The importance of remitting employee contributions on a timely basis

We addressed three frequently asked questions and answers you should know. The answers to these
questions will assist your PCA ministry in complying with federal rules governing the remittance of
employee contributions.

Online Retirement Plan Contributions

We have listened! In response to numerous requests from treasurers and bookkeepers, we have
updated to an online process for submitting PCA Retirement Plan contributions.

Paul Chi, RBI’s Newest Financial Planner

We are delighted that Paul is a part of the RBI team, and we look forward to seeing God continue to use him to care for PCA pastors and staff.